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The Marist Brothers continue to provide schools in Tamil Nadu. They have started to build a new Primary School in Podhavur Village and Panchayat and Anthanallur Project near Trichy.

They also hold a number of informal street classes in the evenings for children who might not be able to attend school, sometimes under the few lamp posts around. Many of the families of the poorest children do not have electricity at home so arrangements have been made with some local churches and the schools to leave their front lights on in the evening so that the children can study under them.

After the Tsunamii struck the East Coast of India on Boxing Day 2004, the Marist Brothers through the Marcellin Trust, an NGO formed by the brothers to act as an umbrella for their apostolic works for the poor,set up the Tsunami Relief Project in Vizhunda Mavadi Village one of the coastal communities which had been devastated. One of the expressed beneficiaries of the trust is poor children and HIV affected families. Assistance programs offered by the NGO include help with travel expenses, high protein food and medicine distribution. 

New School Plans
New School Plans Podhavour
New School Shell
Under Construction in Podhavour