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Reports and Accounts

When they arrived back from India the first time the intrepid travellers presented a report to the school community in Lawside RC Academy in Dundee. This was the start of the India Village Project.

From the beginning of the Project the founders realised that to safeguard the integrity of the activities. They decided to make the Project into a Trusteeship and invited a number of people to become trustees.

The first Trustee report in June 2009 outlined what was happening and the progress to date.

As time went on and circumstances changed other Trustees were appointed and legal Charitable Status was sought, and was granted by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). This necessitated a change in the way the accounts were presented and this is reflected in the changed presentation from June 2011 onwards.

This information can be found in the OSCR website if you type our name into the Charity Search box.

The India Village Project Trust works in conjunction with a number of schools but is an independent entity, self governing, but with representation from the schools and some of the Trustees drawn from each of the major contributers.



The Current Trustees are:

Br D Welsh
Ms C McLachlan
Ms F McLachlan
Mrs F McLagan
Ms C Jones, Secretary
Mrs I Delaney, Treasurer

The Reports and Accounts

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